Basic Trampoline Tricks

If you have a large slide series, you already know that this is a good way to get out of the house, became the fresh air. You know, it is beneficial to health? Skip to the next one large slide series is great for strengthening the cardiovascular system and it is also a good sport, almost every muscle and organ of the body. The exercise of a large series of slides can also be helpful for adults and children, because it helps to improve the response, flexibility, balance and coordination. One way to strengthen the large slide series is not just interesting aspects, but also increases the health benefits, is to put a little extra effort for you to do some tricky jump! Have a lot of skill, you can make a large slide series , from beginners to advanced level. Some people here start with some basic elements include further tips to ensure safety and avoid injury. "Landing" is a return to the first, large-scale slides series of basic skills should learn any bed and its very simple. Standing still large slides series weapon with you at your side, or even with your hands in your front pocket. Backwards down to the large slide series, keep the body straight and your head. As you return to meet the large slide series, let your head meet it certainly does not steep or distorted. You will rebound, then you can do it again, until you come to realize a good rebound height. You more practice, this approach is higher, you will bounce back and come out of it! Here is a series of strokes among large slides that you can do once you have mastered the basic return landing tricks. Began in the same way, the Standing straight with arms and not move in your party or hand in a pocket. Continuous decline picked up again, but when you are on the knees, the land instead! Motion will continue to send you back, you can repeat the way, a lot of times you want. Some advanced techniques, including a series of large slides and Foley Phillips. Or, you can do these backwards or forwards, but you should be very comfortable and confident to run around, your ability, or they attempt. Once you are upset, you spice, add a spin. Any attempt to use this method before, to ensure the safety of everyone, including yourself. Keep in mind, take a look and see how much space you. You will want to avoid any other jumper collision is large slides in with your family. Further prevent any accident, warm up first by doing some simple, once you go quickly, we must remember to maintain a natural position of your head and neck. This way you do not hurt yourself. Play safe and keep on running around!

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